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Godzilla: Beginning of Endings: Chapter 4
The conversation that fallowed was one that left Denis in shock and confusion, however short it was.
"… you died" was the first thing that came to Denis’s mind.
"Yes, yes I did" he said "I died with Godzilla in the final assault."
"… but, history says you hung yourself in your office!" retorted Denis.
"Don’t believe everything you hear, Denis. This land and its people are keeping many secrets. And they are also keeping another one from its people, a massive sin."
The fairies came in now. “You where one of the few that put it together that the skeleton was gone, and you where right. The Japanese government took it to build a machine, one to fight any other monster threats using new biotechnology”
"With the creation of this new weapon, the spirits of those who died, and even the monster itself, are greatly insulted. To use the remains in such a way was like stepping on the graves of millions of souls, and they are all restless" said Serizawa.
"The pe
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Godzilla: Beginning of Endings: Chapter 3
Emiko Serizawa sat alone at the lab table at Fuji Bio Labs, located on the the northern face of Mt. Fuji. Doctor Takeyama was supposed to meet her there hours ago, at least two by the time of his clock, but Emiko was persistent. She knew the doctor was busy putting the finishing touches on the project, but she didn’t figure it would take this long.
It was exactly at the hour and a half mark that Doctor Takeyama opened the door to the office. He made no move to enter, only gesturing out the door for Emiko to exit. She knew exactly where to go, and led the way.
Denis Grant didn’t sleep. Instead, he spent the night drinking the thoughts away. It wasn’t working.
This thought had not left his head. He knew this was big, but how big he didn’t know. He knew it was enough that the Japanese government must have shut a lot of people up to make this secret happen, or killed a lot of people.
It was around midnight that he noticed that older photos of the attraction when i
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Godzilla: Beginning of Endings: Chapter 2
It wasn’t long after that the two of them left for Yuki’s home not far out of town. They both walked away from the visit with that sense of sadness one gets after going to the sight of a terrible tragedy, Denis had the same feeling when he had gone to the U.S.S Arizona memorial in Hawaii. But, he also walked away perplexed by the remains. He had studied them in his spare time and knew the skeleton was not like any other, but was still confused about some aspects of the anatomy that looked wrong to him. The head was particularly large and the teeth larger then he remembered reading, but he did not read much into it. The monster had been irradiated after all, would it still look like the original creature it came from? He let the thoughts leave him as they approached Yuki’s home.
"You know, you could have dropped me off if you needed to tend to him, I wouldn’t have minded" said Denis as they got out of the car.
"Sorry, but he said he wanted to meet you, so I was
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Godzilla: Beginning of Endings: Chapter 1
Denis Grant, now a PhD student in the making at Cal Tech, was half asleep when his plane landed in Tokyo. In his long trench and spiked hair, he stood out on the flight as one of the odd ones. There where more, Harajuku girls and guys in various parts of the plan, likely returning home from short vacations to Hawaii where Denis made his connection.
He had studied various phylum’s of the animal kingdom in collage, mostly in the reptilian and bird family’s. His studies where at a short break now because of a professes illness, so Denis had taken the opportunity to escape from the California life to take another trip to Japan. He had not been since he was a young boy, and was looking forward to the excursion
As the pilot spoke in Japanese as they pulled up to the gate, Denis could only watch the people around him to guess what to do. He had known much Japanese at one time, but now was rusty with the language. But, when everyone else got up, he did as well.
After getting threw
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Godzilla: Beginning of Endings: Prologue
"We want to forget" said the old man to Denis Grant. "We all want to forget about the things we did, the things we where ordered to do."
Denis began to turn away, looking for his mother in the crowded shopping district of Osaka. But, the man grabbed him roughly by the shirt cooler and jerked him close.
"Listen to me boy, and you do well to remember!" His eyes where wide and he was shaking. Denis could feel the emotion poring out of him, like someone who had not talked to anyone in months, which Denis began to believe was the case.
"You watch, you wait boy! The lost of the Pacific, the ones that died in the conflict! They will resurrect him, Godzilla will return one day!"
On the southern edge of the Japanese coastline, the Nisshin Maru was making it’s round about the island nation. The whaling was illegal, very illegal. But, they where doing it anyway.
It was the radio call to the near by harpooning ship that began the belief in the re-birth. At exactly 10:35 pm, the conversation
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Godzilla: Beginning of Endings: Introduction
To the villagers of Odo island, he was known as the gorilla whale. He took there cattle, there loved ones, and inevitably there spirit. Some held on, some gave up. His power was of unmatched ability. When there spirit was gone, they turned to there destructor as a god. They worshiped him, gave him sacrifices, and loved him. But he would still take away, never give.
It was soon the mainland got involved, hearing the roomers and the speculation of some unrivaled force in the area. They sent search parties to the island and Dr. Yamane of Japan was able to gather extraordinary data about the creature Japan called Gojira, and the rest of the world would come to know as Godzilla.
The records wane in directions after this point, not many recordings survived the attacks. However, one unconfirmed report that is refuted in most countries other then America, is that an American journalist named Steve Marten was on the expedition. His records, which barely survived the attacks, are said to hold se
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Mature content
Darktran: Chapter 2 :iconsnakeeyesam1:Snakeeyesam1 0 0
Mature content
Darktran: Chapter 1 :iconsnakeeyesam1:Snakeeyesam1 0 6
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I have returned from the bleak and barren void of adulthood, and have come out stronger.

Well, not really.

So, I am sure you are all wondering where I have been this past year or so. Well, here is a quick list of some of the things that happened in that time:

I bought a house

I moved across the country

I got a job

I fought a holy war against Millennium Earl's Akuma army

I learned the meaning of life

I found out KFC still has Double Downs on a secret menu here in Ohio.

... ok, the part about the Millennium Earl is not totally true. I'm sorry I lied to you.

But now my life is coming together and I am not quite living the life of a shut-in (I just got internet a few weeks ago : D), so now I am attempting to get back into DeviantArt among other things.So, enjoy my mind mumbling yet again, or until I forget I have the account.For now though, I will try to have some fun.


  • Listening to: The Sound of Pulling Heaven Down
  • Reading: The Great Zoo of China
  • Watching: you sleep at night
  • Playing: Pokemon Y
  • Eating: souls
  • Drinking: tea


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